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To learn more about custom quilting, please browse through the other pages of our website or

simply call  570-675-1917 for more detailed assistance. You may also send an email to Cloth and Needle Creations.



by Cloth & Needle Creations

Frequently Asked Questions

How many articles of clothing are needed  for my quilt? 

Depends upon the size and pattern chosen.  Please call 570-675-1917 to discuss what you would like to have made.


What kind of clothing do I need to send to make my quilt?

All kinds of clothing may be used, from cotton shirts,  T Shirts, sweatshirts,  pants, dresses, robes to suits, ties, etc with washable items being the most versatile.  Patches  or badges may be included also.                                    

How long will it take to make my quilt?

6 to 8 weeks from the time your clothing is received.  Sometimes quilts are finished before that  time frame, but will depend upon the time of the year and the work load.


Can I get a rush order on my quilt if I need it before the 6 to 8 week time frame?

An additional charge of $100.00 will be added to the cost of the quilt for rush orders requested  earlier than the 6 to 8 week time frame.

Can I return my quilt after it is made?

No.  This is a custom item made from the clothing you supplied and is not returnable.  Every effort is made to insure you are pleased with your purchase.

How do I supply the picture(s)  I want added to my quilt?

Sent by email to is the preferred method.  The actual picture(s)  may be sent via postal service b ut must be enclosed in heavy cardboard and marked “Fragile Picture” to prevent  damage and will be returned with your quilt. 

Can I have a name or monogram added to my quilt?

Yes,  the embroidery cost is $10.00 for the first 15 letters, then $.25 per additional letter 

Will the clothing I  supplied be returned to me?

Any clothing not used in the construction will be returned with your quilt. Cut pieces will be discarded.

Is there tax on my quilt?

Cloth & Needle is located in Pennsylvania and is only required to collect tax for mailing address’s to this state.


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